Search Engine Marketing

Is Advertising on Google Worth It?

Are you looking to take your business to the next level, and looking for the right digital marketing services to help you make your brand stand out to customers? Is your time devoting to growing your small business, and you just don’t have the time, resources or expertise to do the marketing aspect of the business yourself?

These days, marketing through the internet is rapidly evolving and in fact accelerated through the COVID period, and traditional forms of advertising are struggling to keep up. Add Nett Pty Ltd is a digital marketing agency that can help you market your business using Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords). It is an advertising service by Google for those of you who want to display your business ads on Google search results and ensure you have high rankings on Google. It is a sure-fire way of marketing for you as a business owner, with immediate results.

If you’re wondering whether advertising on Google would be worth your hard-earned money, the answer is YES, if planned, executed and managed correctly. Google Ads offer many advantages over other online marketing techniques (if immediate results are needed), such as SEO, content marketing, social and display advertising. Some of the advantages of Google advertising include the following.</p> <p>

You can reach people that are looking for your products or services right now. Targeting the right keywords will place you in front of your prospective customers and will be displayed at the exact time that these prospective customers are looking for goods that you are selling.

You can target your audience based on geography. Google Ads allow you to target potential clients near you, especially when you combine your technique with local SEO. It means that you can get more buyers from your own community, although appearing in search results outside your area is also an option.

You can target audiences in multiple numbers that are looking for the same product. Google Ads will let you target different audiences by using different keywords. For example, if you are selling a product that can be used in both residential and commercial construction.

Google Ads work faster than SEO. Google Ad’s provides the most revenue for Google and the brand is ubiquitous, so it only makes sense that it must work, or people wouldn’t use the product. These two are among the digital marketing strategies that aim to generate more traffic and leads for your website. However, a well optimised Google Ads campaign can give faster results in being at the top spot in search results.

Google Ads increase brand awareness. Besides boosting traffic, clicks and customer conversion, it can also function as an effective channel for your brand.

It is a known fact that Google Ads get its income through payments made by advertisers for every click on your ads. If you don’t have the expertise or a dedicated and experienced campaign manager, you might blow through your whole marketing budget in one full swoop. This is where we can help, offering you our services to ensure your investment has a high ROI (return on investment). We can say from experience, case studies and results that through Google Ads, your products/services will be marketed to the right people, at the right time. When you are positioned at the top of the results page, your ad will most likely be clicked through. You can track your progress and know how much you have spent on your campaigns daily if needed.

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