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By-Jas Engineering

A high-performance website along with Search Engine Optimsation assists By-Jas engineering with a solid platform to showcase their Australian made products.

By Jas

Project Details

Aeration Specialists.

By-Jas Engineering took on a digital and content marketing campaign with a focus on displaying high quality products specifically designed for the wastewater industry.

The overall aim was to build the already strong brand further in the industry to become one of the two top players in the field with Australian made equipment.

Client: By Jas

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The Challenge.

By-Jas Engineering has been around over 30 years in the industry and is renown as a reputable business designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, servicing, and maintaining wastewater equipment. They provide solutions for a wide range of fluid wastewater, aerator sewage treatment plant and equipment across all areas of Australia. However, the owner realised that they needed to compete with some high-profile brands in the market and this needed them to strengthen the brand position of the company. With people looking more and more to Australian made products, the company had a real opportunity to utilise online activity, digital and content marketing to create more exposure in the marketplace. By-Jas Engineering needed ranking and brand awareness to expand the business and give existing and new customers the opportunity to find information when they needed it. To do that they had to focus on where the customers where connecting and that was online.

By-Jas purpose is to offer service to its customers that is professional, eco-friendly, and cost effective. The industries they service, but not limited to are winery wastewater treatment, dairy wastewater treatment, leachate treatment or landfill leachate treatment, abattoir wastewater treatment, pulp and paper wastewater treatment and municipal or sewage treatment.

It was at this point they approached the digital marketing agency Add Nett to help them improve their brand marketing strategy. They immediately realised they needed to promote the Australian made product versus international brands.

Implementing Strategy.

Podium IT

By-Jas Engineering decided exposure online both through digital and content marketing would be a great way to position information to the audience on its website through regular blog posting and using business social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Lead generation strategy through LinkedIn is highly targeted and enables the customer to segment and breakdown different demographics, whether it be across job, industries. Location, etc. This provides touch points at every section of the lead funnel process driving awareness, education, information, buying, loyalty and advocacy.

Add Nett ensured that By-Jas Engineering’s website was optimised across devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops ensuring online users were covered. Again, this enabled us to specifically target locations, industries, and job profiles along with other demographics through different devices.

These demographics are easy to adapt so that one can gather more information that the customer can use for other tactical marketing campaigns. Specific questions were designed to uncover preferences which is important information for marketing. By-Jas Engineering goal was to deliver the difference between their brand and too position them as one of the two best brands in the industry for commercial wastewater and specifically surface aerators.

Project Overview.

By-Jas Engineering provides services all over Australia, the marketing department decided they needed to lift the brand message which would equate to more revenue.

The overall strategy was designed was to focus on using brand, services, and products to increase high quality exposure in the industries specified above. The immediate goal was brand awareness for the sales team to be able to follow up and engage with potential new high-level customers.

The Results.

Since Add Nett started helping, By-Jas Engineering have seen a 100% increase in brand recognition within a 90-day period. This type of campaign has seen a significant increase in online activity via numerous online channels.

By-Jas Engineering


Simon Jaski.

Director and Owner

Wastewater treatment is an essential service that is critical for everyday functions of large commercial premises and industries. This has become even more important for these types of services in the recent times of COVID. We design, manufacture, and install a range of wastewater and sewage treatment. By-Jas Engineering service all states areas across Australia.

We feel we are experts in this field, what we needed is experts on the field of digital content, and brand marketing and to date Add Nett have fulfilled that role. We look forward to growing our brand with them over the coming years to be a major player brand in our industry.

by jas

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