Content Marketing

Content Marketing Examples

Marketing that includes sharing, creating and publishing of online materials, such as blogs, social media posts and videos, are just some examples of content marketing. Content marketing is intended; to stimulate the interest of readers and viewers in your products or services, rather than to sell them directly. Content marketing is not the same, as the traditional marketing efforts, because it involves things, such as educational articles, e-books, blogs, webinars and entertainment posts that provide answers to people’s specific queries and provides them information that they may find difficult to find elsewhere, or at all.

In content marketing, you become a credible, trusted and authoritative source, on topics that are important to future customers, thus it is probable that your brand will get discovered, by the right audience. You earn their trust and loyalty and strengthen your relationship with customers; you will have an engaged subscriber’s base and increase your ROI.

Nevertheless, be aware that content marketing requires a lot of work, patience and persistence. Running content marketing campaigns consistently, may be difficult for those, who do not have the skills and experience in coming up, with new ideas and keeping the momentum going. If you think you this type of marketing may not be for you, you can approach it differently, by working with a content marketing agency like Add Nett Pty Ltd.

But first let us give you some examples of businesses that used content marketing strategies correctly and have experienced great success:

REI is an outdoor retailer that uses their YouTube channel, to answer questions and assist their audience. REI has dozens of videos that address the needs of its audiences, whether it’s about using a compass or fixing a bike chain.

Sainsbury Magazine enjoys a 3 million paid subscribers, being the top cooking magazine in the UK. The remarkable thing about their content marketing effort is that 8 out of their 10 readers have bought their product, after reading the content in their magazine.

Buffer. This business used guest blogging initially. They wrote a couple of blogs, twice a day and have them published on high visibility sites. That strategy has helped attract Buffer’s first 100 thousand users. The company now has 4 blogs, sharing their best content by means of an email marketing strategy.

GE. Their Instagram marketing campaign has brought this seemingly dull business into life through their #GEInstaWalk. It is about a tour of their manufacturing facilities, taking pictures, uploading and hash tagging them; and the result is a spectacular 8 million views of GE’s Instagram account, 3 million reaches per hour and 3 thousand new followers.

Shutterstock is in the images business. With its expertise, it has made a resource that is useful for everyone – a creative trends report. People just love data that can be trusted and their resource has gotten shared widely, especially when they included video and music.

There are many more examples and they will help you become more creative in your content marketing strategies that will get you leads and sales. If you’re interested in creating something wonderful for your content marketing efforts, but aren’t sure how and where to start, contact us today at 1300 233 638 or visit us at website We service the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and America.