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Content Marketing Services

Most business owners have defined goals that they want to achieve, whether it be lifestyle, autonomy, financial independence, the thrill of running their own business etc. they all want to succeed. If you have been in business three years, then congratulations only 10% of people make it this far. What is the next step? if you’re just starting your business, how do you set the right foundations to achieve that three-year mark and beyond. If you are an established business looking for the millions of dollars of turnover in the future, how do you get there. Well at Add Nett we work with all these life cycles of a business, so we are confident we can help.

We are aware that not every business will have the time, resources, capacity, or budget needed to succeed in marketing the business. This is where Add Nett comes in. We are a content marketing agency ,along with having our own wide range of digital services. We can shoulder your marketing needs entirely or work in specific areas, where you need assistance, such as in content marketing.

content marketing

Content Marketing is a method of promoting a business, by creating, publishing, and distributing content, dedicated to a targeted online audience. Many businesses use this method for several purposes, as follows:

to catch the attention of internet users and generate leads

to extend their customer base

to increase online sales

to increase credibility or brand awareness

to become involved in a community of users online

Content marketing attracts possible buyers and turn them into loyal customers, by creating and sharing great, interesting and quality content.

content marketing

This method helps you create brand loyalty. It also provides consumers, with information they need, which creates in them, a willingness to buy your products or services in the future. Content marketing is not about direct selling. Its main objective is to build trust and a friendly and harmonious relationship with your audience. Trust is the key.

When we do content marketing for your business, our focus will be on what the prospect or customer needs. We will present information on a variety of formats that include e-books, infographics, news, video, white paper, newsletter, email, podcasts, case studies, photos, blogs, how-to-guides, question, and answer articles and much more. Importantly this is structured around the buying cycle of the customer as they start the journey of the buying cycle.

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This is a management process called digital content marketing, as it uses electronic channels to satisfy the audience’s content requirement and influence their buying behavior at the right time via the digital devices or traditional methods the decide to use.

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Complete Service Partner

Add Nett could be your full-service partner, in all your marketing efforts, as opposed to a marketing firm that can specialise only in one or a couple of areas. As a content marketing expert, we offer you the following content marketing services:

Written Content

We can produce high quality and searchable blogs for you. These can best drive engagement; although blogs are not only the content we provide, as we can also include email marketing copy, how to guides, landing pages, e-books, website copy and all other text-based content forms.


Visual images, such as charts or diagrams present a huge advantage, in attracting the attention of prospective audiences. It is also an important tool in conveying information.


People searching for their needs, love videos. This form of content marketing is very engaging and can also be used for various purposes, such as featuring employee stories or describing your company’s products.

Design Element

Design Element

We can create feature images, specifically for a blog post; also, an animation that you can upload to YouTube.

Social Media Marketing

It is a full-time job, to run a social media account; yet with Add Nett as your content marketing agency, we can handle certain tasks or manage your brand’s entire account. We can produce posts for you, schedule their publishing, coordinate across various platforms, engage users and monitor the results.

Some of our social media content services include; Instagram and LinkedIn content strategy. Instagram is not all about personal sharing, but it is now, a global platform, where you can showcase your product and inspire your online readers and viewers. LinkedIn is all about B2B marketing and an effective way to be consistently in front of your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Marketing

For content to be worthy, these should lead to impressions and click throughs to your website, yet mastering SEO requires time, special skills, and constant hard work daily. We can help you select the right keywords that will rank you higher, optimise your website and devices. SEO is all about gaining ranking, visibility and credibility for your company online. The bottom line is to produce leads that your company can turn into conversions.


It is important to measure how your content is doing, through tangible metrics such as conversion rates. Our content marketers have been certified in Google analytics and are able to monitor performance, submit reports and consistently track results.

IT work

We can help you create and manage a website or integrate a portal for content publishing. Our team is all technically inclined and supported by IT experts.

That’s not all

We also have our close partner alliance with an IT company and host, maintain and provide security to your digital assets. We have it all covered with all the expertise you need for your complete marketing package.

Content Marketing Audit

The first step in improving your content marketing strategy is a content audit. You will need to assess the content types, the formats, and the quality of your content and whether or not they meet your current business goals.

A strong content marketing audit allows you to understand what is and what isn’t driving performance?

So, you can set new standards for great content. You can also identify content gaps and discover new topics that can be meaningful to your audience.

A content audit can also improve user experience; so that information structure and content structure improve. It enhances SEO, by highlighting areas of focus according to search demands and enables a great user experience.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy is a plan that you create if you want to build an audience. This is done by publishing, maintaining, and sharing frequent and consistent content that provides education, entertainment, or inspiration to the user. This strategy can turn strangers into fans and finally into loyal long standing customers.

To create a great content marketing strategy, there are five important steps to success:

Defining your business (who you are, what you do, why you do it, etc.).

Know your audience. Content is intended to be consumed, so you should know which type of audience you are creating it for.

Be authentic. Consumers love to purchase from a brand that they know is genuine and they may be willing to endorse it too.

Write it down. It means that you put your content strategy in writing, so that you can adjust it or refine it, when necessary.

Measure. Track the performance of your content and understand how it is performing, for your business.

Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing efforts offer many opportunities for your business. Typically, a strategy is a list of steps detailing the timing and resources that you should use to achieve your business goals. Having a strategy, helps you define the full spectrum of your digital marketing. It will also help you to stay attentive, set your objectives, meet your deadlines, measure your success and review your entire project.

Your content marketing plan serves as your road map, to the success of your marketing efforts. This should be strictly followed, as this will be your guide in all your marketing activities. You can also share this with your team, to ensure that your goals align with the goals of your company. All this Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

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