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Online Marketing

Tired of finding ways to market your products or services? Sure, you might be trying traditional marketing techniques, such as magazines, newspapers, TV or radio. All these methods while effective don’t provide the presence you may need in the online environment today. That’s where digital marketing comes in to its own ,as a successful and effective way to market your business, especially true in these times experienced during 2020/2021 with COVID and beyond.

Digital marketing helps you to promote your brand through technology. This system is driven by data and involves targeted brand promotion, with the internet as the center of all channels and tools. Other digital marketing may also include videos, content marketing and other forms of digital media that you can find whilst navigating through the website.

Digital Marketing

Add Nett Pty Ltd is a specialised digital agency, which deals in digital marketing and delivers measurable results in real time. We are not your traditional marketing agency i.e., we are always focused on customer service, your brand and its reputation in the marketplace, all with results-based marketing outcomes.

We deliver a targeted and strategic approach to your marketing by understanding your competition and target audience. This is our approach with all digital marketing, with qualified and experienced digital marketing specialists and strategists to drive your marketing results. We would love the chance to execute your brand’s marketing activities to gain ground on the competition.

Digital Marketing

Our team of strategists, digital marketing consultants, web developers and designers work closely together to meet your goals. They work together from scratch, with the purpose of delivering high performance websites that can be measured across all the digital marketing channels. We are your brand development engine and lead generator. This is your chance to promote your business, so we can take your marketing, brand awareness, return on investment and your company’s profitability, to the next level.

We have a team of marketing and online strategies , who are very passionate about uncovering digital solutions to make them beneficial for your business.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will lay a solid foundation for you to promote and elevate your organic ranking via the right keywords on the major search engine results page. Combining this strategy with SEM and other digital media and you’ll have the edge over your competitors.

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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) places you in front of prospective customers when they’re searching for a business with products and services your business supplies. SEM is the fastest way to rank higher in the search results on major search engines- Ask us how.

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Social Media

Social Media can create and manage your presence across multiple platforms. This will help you gain more exposure to new clients who will be driven to your website. Ask us how we can create a cost-effective plan for your business and measure your Return on Investment through Social Media.

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Frustrated with how to market your business to new customers? Social Media is no longer a fad. If you don’t have a Social Media Strategy in place you may be left behind!

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How We Use Digital Marketing to Help Brands Like Yours

Digital marketing channels will allow your brand, to provide a more personalised experience through our tailored product recommendations and interactive video ads. Haven’t you noticed that online videos have quickly become a part of the daily lives of people? Videos provide a great opportunity for your brand to engage with your target audience. You can use online videos to attract the attention of the audience on the go and get them informed, entertained, and engaged qucikly.

To make an up-sale, repeat-sale or cross-sale to customers, product recommendation would be the best way to go. Potential and existing customers, when impressed by a brand are encouraged to make a purchase that gives them a personalised and emotional experience. Through social ads and emails, you can target your ideal customers and based on their past purchases and browsing behavior, provide them with personalised recommendations.

Create Attraction To Action In One Place

This is one aspect of digital marketing that can help you make more sales - the call to action. We design your content in a way, that it will entice people to take favorable action. These are usually targeted words that specifies what action your web visitors would want to do next. Examples of actions that people should be prompted to are: download an e-book, sign up to an email, sign up for a webinar, attend an event, get a coupon, buy, etc.

You can position your call to action anywhere in your marketing - on your website, in an email, in an e-book or at the end of your blog post.

Increase Your Website Traffic and Get More Leads

Lead generation is real challenge for many enterprises, even if there is an excessive amount of lead generation software available. As part of our social media marketing services, we would build a digital marketing strategy for you specific business, that provides value to the buyers, generating not only traffic, but also boosting valuable leads.

Content Production. We provide guidance on posting blogs, news, and tips about your industry.
You should strive to become an expert on the subject matter or topics of your content, so that your products or services provide solutions to problems for customers.

Remember to advertise the content you post on online marketing methods, such as social media email and SEO. Spend some time in getting your content optimised for search engines and social media, as these are powerful channels for lead generation.

Blogging is a way to maintain and improve your online traffic. The more quality blogs you publish on the internet, the more other website owners will have your content referenced. It will create back links and you’ll become more visible online. Back links are created when another website links back to yours. The more back links, the higher you’ll rank in search engines. It the online version of ``word of mouth``.

Drive your brand and reputation

Brand awareness is the degree, by how much your product name is recognised by consumers. When people remember your brand, product/service and look at them, as better than the competitor product, then it is very likely that you can make a sale. If your product or service become well known because it has high brand awareness, your competitors will find it difficult to break through it.

Here are some of our strategies for brand awareness:

In order to receive more views from new customers on social media. You need to display your products on social media, so that people can see them and recognise your brand.

Strengthen customer relationship, with rewards and brand positioning. When your brand is seen for the first time by a consumer, it is the beginning of their journey to make a purchase. You have to guide them and get them to interact with your brand, which leads to brand recognition.

Create a brand-new experience for consumers or customers. Make sure that your product or service and your efforts to market them stands out from the rest. You can achieve by offering your potential customers a unique personal experience.

We cover all type of industries – here are some of the customers we work alongside.