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Do Social Media Ads Work? Why or Why Not?

If you have a small or medium sized business and you’re only dependent upon traditional advertising to market your products and services, you’re maybe missing out on all the opportunities to drive revenue online. More businesses today are using digital advertising, where they make use of the internet to deliver their messages to their customers and consumers. This system creates powerful opportunities to get your brand out to reach targeted audiences that would be interested in your business, products, services, and brand.

Social media advertising is one of the digital advertising tools that you can use in marketing your business. Your ads can be seen in various devices and social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. What makes your ads particularly powerful is that in social media, you get social recommendations and social actions, besides all that, you can create engaging and relevant messaging.

But do social media ads really work? Yes, they do and here’s why. In social media ads, you are presented with a huge opportunity, to be seen by a lot of consumers and users , target the right ones and you do can achieve real value for money, especially in comparison to  traditional marketing.

Placing an ad through Social Media platforms is a sure way to reach your target audience and drive organic traffic to your website. In social media, you can filter your audience around location, language, gender, and age. In some platforms you can also filter it down to personal interests and relationship, to be more specific. This provides a targeted and tactical approach to your campaigns.

Social Media AdsOne of the benefits that social media advertising can bring you is a measurable result. It is not like the traditional marketing that makes you wonder why your technique did not work. In social ads, you can see data in real time and you can immediately take the required action, such as realigning your campaign as necessary. The other advantages of social media ads include enhanced brand awareness, conversion rates, loyalty from customers and building communities. Also, this type of advertising helps in bringing in useful traffic to your website, making it more effective.

Social media ads work, as long as you are consistently and wisely using your strategies. However, it is important to know that all forms of advertising take time to see the effect. They need to be tested, so you achieve reach, clicks and conversions. Learn to create different ads, to find out what consumers and users like best.

We at Add Nett are passionate about making local businesses attain success. We are sure that we can make your marketing messages reach the ideal audience. We will help you generate an ROI (return on investment) that is better than the previous ROIs that you created. We are not saying that traditional advertising is not effective, but we would like to emphasise that social media ads can lead to more customers, better sales and more profits.

You might feel overwhelmed with the amount of work involved in advertising, so we offer you our social media advertising services. We can do the planning and setting up, creating, testing, analysing and managing your ads, and we know from past experience and our based on our current client base, that our messages, content and ads can get you results.

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