Eco Septic.

Commercial Waste Water Solutions


Project Details

Commercial Water Solutions.

Eco- Septic is a wastewater company manufacturing concrete tanks for wastewater equipment for the residential and commercial sectors.

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The Task.

Eco-Septic is a reputable business delivering wastewater equipment right across Australia with a range of dealers located in all parts of the country.

To do that they had to focus on where the customers where connecting and that was online.

It was at this point they approached the digital marketing agency Add Nett to help them drive brand awareness. They immediately saw the opportunity to position the brand as a market leader.

Effecting a Strategy.

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Eco- Septic decided that using a marketing and sales company like Add Nett would be a great way to position information to the audience via Google Display and Search Ads complimented by a extensive SEO and Social Advertising program coupled with a fully managed content delivery plan.

This is different than a typical brand generation strategy in which incorporates the website, social media and Google listings to drive activity. This provides touch points at every section of the lead funnels to drive education, information and buying messages to customers and clearly defines the brand through consistent messages and content.

Add Nett ensured that Eco-Septics brand was well understood and all content was optimised across all platforms and devices. This is perfect for being able to specifically target predefined markets and customers. Custom questions were designed to uncover an audience preference which is important information for the sales team. They need to know what part of the Eco- Septic value proposition speaks to the potential customers, whether it is education, information or buying decisions.

Another key reason that Eco-Septic decided on Add Nett was to drive a consistent marketing message for the brand. Once a potential customer entered information via the various channels, they were able to retarget them with relevant ads based on their actions. It is important to keep them interested and give quality information.

Project Outline.

Eco-Septic service right across Australia as well as producing the product here in the country, the owner decided they needed a marketing and content company to drive the message.

The overall strategy that was designed was to focus on using brand, services and products to increase high quality leads and rankings. The immediate goal was to lift brand awareness and then to generate leads for the sales team to be able to follow up and engage with potential new and existing users and customers.

The Results.

Since Add Nett started working with Eco – Septic they have seen 100% increase in brand, along with leads and improved keyword rankings. This type of campaign has seen a significant increase in brand awareness.

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Stuart Day.

Director and Owner

Brand awareness is the final piece of the marketing puzzle to drive the business to the next level and as a market leader – these are services that help deliver a brand that people, and businesses recognise. We are in the business of helping people make the most of precious resource like water and to care for the environment. Add Nett has helped us move to the next level as a business, by establishing our brand in the marketplace, whilst delivering an outstanding lead funnel.


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