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Google Ads Management Services.

Is your business not maximising online advertising, in order to gain more leads and conversions?
Add Nett’s Google Ads management service can provide you with campaigns through Google’s advertising platforms that are effective and cost efficient. With years of experience in the industry and a team of certified digital marketers and campaign managers to help your business, you can be rest assured we can optimise the performance of your websites and advertisements.

Add Nett is a full-service Google Ads Services agency, we will handle your account with a dedicated campaign manager, regardless of whether it is brand; new or existing and take care of the process every step of the way. We want you to see your conversions come in as quickly as possible. We will make sure you have a solid foundation to make sure that this campaign gives you your desired results.
We ensure that your PPC campaign is properly optimized as per your business’s requirement.

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Our Results Speaks louder than words.

Our keyword research is exhaustive and will help you determine the best opportunities for your brand to attract new customers, at a budget that is most affordable for you. We will do a competitive analysis, to spot trends and what works well in your industry and then launch your campaign on the best possible footing to drive conversions.

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Google Advertising

Google advertising is one of the best platforms to attract sales and leads for your brand. With this type of advertising, you need to prepare a budget; have a list of targeted keywords, the right medium, ad groups to create, landing pages and a strong engaging call to action.

Advertising on Google could be very favorable or advantageous for any business, provided you implement the right strategies. So, if you’re asking if Google ads could benefit your business, the answer is definitely yes, with the right strategy and goals.

With a multitude of advertising options, Google Ads can be complicated at times. Many advertisers find it difficult to meet the commitment needed to achieve success, through Google display ads and paid searches. Therefore, Add Nett would like to help you maximise the impact of your campaigns and Google ads. This is where we can help with dedicated campaign managers assigned to your business focused on results.

Using Google ads means that you can bid to display your brief advertisement, a product listing, a service offering or a video intended for web users.

Paid Search Marketing

Want to take your business to the next level? Then a Paid Search Campaign by Google Ads is the best place to start. Through this type of campaign, your website listing will be displayed at the top of the paid Search Engine Results and naturally drive more traffic to your website. When creating a search on Google you will appear at the top of the listings based on a rotation algorithm.

Paid search results appear on the top and at the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and feature a little green box with the word “Ad”. To start running search ads, you set up an account and determine the search terms that you want to target and create your budget for daily advertising. You then pay for when users click on your ad.

Google ads can be completely measured in real time. With this, you can form an idea about the performance of you ad and adjust your campaign to meet your specific needs. It makes sense to advertise on Google to be seen on Google searches.

how many clicks go through to your website,

how many people see your ad,

how much sales revenue is generated from your ads.

which keywords are driving traffic as well as

which areas are more productive.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate is the percentage of the people, who visit your website or landing page that converts into an action, whether it will be filling out a form, clicking on your website, downloading an eBook or calling your business directly. This comprehensive list below covers all type of conversions:

buying your product

submitting a contact, us form or any lead generating form

engaging with you in an online chat

registering with your website

downloading eBooks, marketing tips or bonus offers

signing up for a newsletter subscription

Conversion rates vary; depending on the quality of your traffic, your industry/business, the product or service that you are marketing and the specific action that you are tracking.

Also, a conversion is not always the same thing as a sale- it is important to remember that.
So, our goal should is about producing conversions, your goal should be generating sales.

Remarketing/Retargeting Optimisation

Add Nett also does remarketing or retargeting in Google Ads; so, you can connect with your online visitors after they have left your website. You want to re-engage with them, so you can bring them back to your site for further information and action. Perhaps you have noticed that many people visit a website and make an exit, without making a conversion at that time.

When you engage in a remarketing campaign, your brand gets the chance to be in front of those people, who have previously expressed interest in what you are offering. Remarketing results in recovery of website visitors, who have bounced off the site, for whatever reason and then turning them into customers. You can also increase brand awareness and gain repeat visitors. Retargeting also supports the SEO campaign and your content marketing efforts. It compliments your search campaign and all these things together become an effective marketing tool.

A remarketing strategy based in Google Ads is a multi-faceted business. Therefore, it needs to be approached comprehensively, completely, including all aspects of the campaign. Doing so, will also complement your pay per click strategy.

For all these tasks and aspects of marketing your brand, Add Nett can do it all for you. Hiring us can turn out to be the best investment you have made for your business. We are about so much more, than your usual marketing agency. We are your virtual sales team, working 24/7 to can create smart digital strategies. We can help awareness of your brand to grow every day, hopefully even every hour, resulting in a great ROI, through many conversions channels.

Our marketing strategies will position your business as a leader in your industry and aim to be in the best two brands in your market - for not just one day or a year, but for the long haul. Of course, anyone can help you sell your product one time, but we, your digital marketing agency are able to bring you good prospective customers continuously, and create long life customers.

Our team has the expertise and experience that your business needs. We have multiple resources that we can use for the benefit of your brand and being among the best digital marketing agencies in Australia. We already know how to take advantage of these resources for your company’s benefit.

We cover all type of industries – here are some of the customers we work alongside.