Content Marketing

How Content Marketing Helps SEO?

Are you looking for ways to improve the search engine rankings of your website and its overall SEO performance? If so, then content marketing could be the solution. Digital marketing and SEO can help your business achieve a number of goals, such as brand awareness, conversions, traffic, customer experience and much more.

This is one reason why digital marketers should have a clear understanding of what SEO is, how it can attain its goals and what are the cutting-edge best practices? It’s important to understand that SEO and Content Marketing as two strategies that complement each other and they are very interconnected.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website, so that it performs better and ranks higher in pertinent searches. Content Marketing, however, is a subset of inbound marketing that leads an online visitor into the sales funnel by offering them interesting, helpful and convincing pieces of content.

This means that you can only realise the full benefits of the SEO, if you have high quality content. For instance, relevant and useful content keeps visitors on the page longer. This content should be able to help consumers with relevant and informative content to the user. Good quality content will engage your audience and aligns to your SEO strategy, while reducing bounce rate (how quickly people jump of the site).

Content marketing has other benefits to SEO, such as the following:

  • Content MarketingGenerates high CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

Your site’s CTR is an important factor for Google to rank your website. So, the more CTRs you get from your visitors, the higher your chance to lift your rankings on search engines.

  • Helps you generate backlinks

Gaining high quality backlinks, from other high authority websites is one of the best SEO strategies. Backlinks are a sign for Google that your website is credible and trustworthy; which also impacts your search rankings.

  • Allows you to incorporate keywords

Quality content allows you to use keywords strategically, which helps you compete and beat the competition.

  • Provides a great user experience

SEO has various strategies, such as writing quality blog posts, using good keywords and generating backlinks. It also involves building a well-structured and attractive website that users can navigate smoothly, quickly and easily.

Basically, SEO and content marketing cannot work successfully, without each other. You have to understand that these two services, while seemingly looking night and day, fill and complete each other. The key to improving your rankings is focusing on creating great content. Content marketing and SEO fill the gaps in your sales funnel, create a feeling of goodwill, among your online visitors and makes your business visible to additional audiences.

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