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How To Find A Quality SEO Company For My Business

The digital marketing industry and SEO is a complicated landscape. It contains many agencies proclaiming tons of capabilities, offering many services and boasting big claims. How can you ensure that you make the right one with so much choice?

Do your SEO research

To find the SEO company that will best meet your needs, you must do some research. There is no substitute for doing your homework. Find out as much as you can about a reasonable number of SEO companies. This should include their services, previous clients, and prices.

Take note of an SEO company’s client testimonials

One way to gather information on a prospective SEO company is to read the reviews and comments of its past clients. These can often be found on the company website.

Add Nett lists several client testimonials on its website. Confirm the integrity of these company-provided testimonials by checking ratings that may be provided by government bureaus, business magazines or online agencies.

Exceptional customer service

SEO CompanyIf you call an SEO company about their services and they take ages to reply to you, it may be a sign that they have poor customer service. Use your experience with the company to determine its level of customer service. You want to ensure that you work with a company that will truly care about your needs.

Analyse industry certifications

Industry certifications are essential because they confirm that the SEO company possesses relevant knowledge and represent confirmation of that knowledge by independent third parties.

Add Nett lists all the industry certifications it has earned on its website. They include Content and Social Media Certification by RMIT University, Google Ads Display Certification, Google Digital Garage, SEMrush Digital Marketing Certificate, and Microsoft Advertising Certificate.

Assess its client list

The client portfolio of an SEO company can tell you a lot about its ability to meet your needs. Importantly, it can also reveal if there are likely to be any conflict of interest issues that will need to be somehow managed.

A sample of the current and past clients served by Add Nett can be gleaned by studying its website and include Picks PT, Construction Specialists, Econocycle Service and Maintenance, Dogeez, Tradetech Services Australia (TSA), Angelis Entertainment and By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd, Dj Dosh, Lauren Dabal and Kelley Goldstraw.

Add Nett has many years of SEO experience. Our team has helped scores of companies and brands gain an edge over their competitors. We have covered all types of industries and have a proven track record in developing affordable custom strategies to drive unpaid traffic, build revenue and boost profit. We are proud of our work portfolio.

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