Google Ads Campaign

How to run a Google Ads Campaign?

Have you always been focused on growing your business or been wondering how to increase your website traffic and generate revenue online? Why not use Google Ads to your advantage?

Google Ads is the advertising program of Google, where you can create online ads, so you can reach audiences who are searching for products or services that you offer. It is one of the digital marketing strategies that runs on what is called Pay Per Click advertising.

While this strategy sounds great, you might find that creating a Google Ads campaign can be confusing, especially if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills in this type of marketing campaign. It requires a Google accreditation to carry out this kind of campaign management.

Before we go to Step 1, remember that it is important to know what your business has to offer, what it stands for and the goals you want achieve. Then you spell out your target audience with people who would want and can benefit from your products or services. The next step is selecting your keywords that will lead consumers to your product/s or services. These keywords will be your business’ guiding factor in the creation process, as these keywords describe exactly the nature of your business.

What Add Nett can do for your business:

Step 1 – We set up your Google AdWords campaign, where we will be prompted to answer a question about your main advertising goal. You can choose from (1) more calls, (2) more website sales or sign ups and (3) more visits to your physical location.

Google Ads Campaign

Step 2 – The we create your actual ad campaign. Google Ads has a “smart campaign” system. It will take words from your website and create ads that you can begin with to start the campaign. These are only suggestions, we will adopt some of these ideas if we believe it will meet your target audience. Otherwise, we choose from our research other options; or we create your own to suit your goals.

Step 3 – We input the keywords that you thought of, at the preparation stage into the Google Ads system. You’ll also be offered a variety of options and we work together to see what fits your business best.

Step 4 – Ad placement, where you input the areas, where you want your ads to be accessible. This is the place where you do business and the place where your target audience is located.

Step 5 – Decide on your daily spend budget.

Step 6 – Review and approve your Google Ads campaign in detail. We make certain that this is exactly what you want – from your campaign goal, budget, keywords and what you read from the actual campaign.

Step 7 – Then we create your payment profile, and we are ready to go.

Following this step-by-step process of running a Google Ads campaign, will be helpful for you to understand how the process works. Of course there is detailed research that takes place, along with our experience and successful strategies that we apply to the campaign as part of the overall advertising plan.

The world of digital marketing can be a lot to handle, especially for businesses who have not ventured into the online space to create new revenue streams. That is why Add Nett Pty Ltd can help. You can enlist our expertise, to get you off and running to generate revenue online. We are a digital marketing agency that can best manage your Google Ads campaign, to bring new revenue opportunities to your business.

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