Website Design

How Website Design Works?

If you are running a business in today’s digital world, you can focus on your business growth by investing in digital marketing. That is, you use the internet to promote your products/services and brand, by creating a state of the art and high-performance website. With a strong website you can leverage opportunities for your business to become successful online.

A website can be your digital tool in accomplishing many of your different objectives. People are spending more and more of their time online, so if you have a website that is carefully designed to look appealing and to function well, you have an opportunity to set solid foundation for all your digital marketing needs. A website, therefore, is critical for a strong digital marketing strategy.

Add Nett Pty Ltd is a digital marketing agency that specialises in website design, among other services. We are aware of the need for businesses to have strong and powerful websites, where people can visit and see what you have to offer. On your website, you can publish content and display your business activities online. It is a great tool to market your products/services and brand.

Essentially, a website design is the process of building a website from both the front and back end. Whilst its something you can do yourself, the best way to ensure you have a high-performance website, its best you hire a professional in this industry. Add Nett is here offering such services. We would like you to have a primary point of contact for your present and potential customers. Our job is to showcase your business’s competence, demonstrate your market and brand reputation.

Your website should have the key components, to ensure a strong website design:

1. Friendly User Experience – It should be easy to use instinctively and easy to navigate. So, when designing your website, we always keep your users in mind.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – When designing your website, our focus will be on its functionality and in optimising it, for the major search engines that are used by people, when they conduct a search.

3. Conversion Optimisation – It is the percentage of users, who respond to your call to action by making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Conversion rates are impacted by the following design elements:

(a) Navigation – Your website should provide a smooth, intuitive navigation structure, to encourage your visitors to continue browsing.

(b) Colour – Use colour on your website to sway people’s emotions and attitudes.

(c) Wording – These are the words in a call to action that has a direct influence in conversion rates. For example, “Offer Expires Soon”, or “Free”, or “Download Now”.

(d) Branding – This includes some elements such as packaging, names, logos, trademarks that establish people’s perception of your brand.

Web design impacts your entire digital marketing strategy to a great extent. From user experience to branding, to social media, to SEO, a website has an important role in how your brand is interpreted.

Contact us and speak to a digital marketing specialist about our offer. Please call on 1300 Add Nett 1300 233 638 or visit our website at, to learn how we can deliver a website that is custom made, responsive, optimised for SEO, secure and professionally styled.

We service the eastern seaboard of Australia and the USA.