Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing Important?

Are you looking for a new way to market your products or services? Then you should consider Digital Marketing, to propel your business into the digital world. Also referred to as online marketing or digital advertising, digital marketing is all about connecting online, similar to the traditional types of marketing that you know – you connect with your potential and existing customers to provide information when and how they need it.

In digital marketing, you use a digital agency, such as Add Nett; to help you connect with possible buyers online. Some examples of digital marketing include website constructions, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, Social Media and content marketing.

However, you may ask yourself why Is digital marketing important to my business?

In these challenging times it makes even more sense to be online. In the past decades, users of the internet have tripled, and this shift has, on a vast scale, affected how people purchase find information and make decisions on what they need in the way of goods and services. Digital marketing is a great option for any size business.

Add Nett has been using digital marketing in helping businesses grow – from plumbers, mechanics, civil contractors, wastewater managements and many more industries. That is the advantage of digital marketing. If you have clearly defined your target audience, you can invest in digital marketing and have an authoritative online presence and help your business grow quickly and effectively.

These are the reasons why digital marketing is important to your business:

1. You can reach many people, easily and quickly. With the advancement of technology online, it’s where people spend most of their time. Billions of people across the globe go online to make searches, find information, consider what they want, buy products, become repeat buyers and advocates. You can build loyal communities through social media platforms.

Because your potential customers can be found online, your business should be online, too. If people can’t find your products or services; because you do not have an online presence, then you’ll reduce your ability to obtain leads, which may go to rival businesses.

2. Almost every business is already doing it. Digital marketing is already being done by your competitors. They have taken the opportunity to advance their businesses through internet advertising. They have their social profiles already, optimised their websites for SEO and have paid advertisements to reach potential customers.

There’s no reason not to do what your competitors have already been doing for years. Using digital marketing, will place you in the market against where leads are available and importantly impacting you share of that market. If your rival businesses are gaining traffic, you should, too, by investing in digital marketing.

3. You can compete with any size of businesses. Digital marketing gives you a fighting chance with bigger corporations. You can attract potential customers in the same way; how these big enterprises attract theirs – through the digital and content marketing.

Other factors that contribute to the importance of online marketing to your business include: your ability to target your ideal audience and to monitor how your marketing campaign on going. Then you’ll have a real return on investment (ROI) because of its cost effectiveness.

Digital marketing is a great option for the success of your business. If you want to learn more about its strategies, contact us online at for a quote, information or budgets. Speak with one of our online strategists; to learn about why you should invest into digital marketing today. You can also call on 1300 Add Nett (1300 233 638). We service the eastern seaboard of Australia and the US.