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Is Google Adwords Effective?

Almost all businesses use some form of digital marketing nowadays, even if it’s a basic as just having a website only. Digital marketing helps promote your products, services and brand, by reaching a wider range of audience, at the right time and place. There are various digital marketing strategies nowadays, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), URL optimisation, Google AdWords, Social Advertising and Content Marketing. In this article, you will understand why it’s critical to adopt Google AdWords and how effective the strategy can be for your business.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is paid online advertising on the Google platform that helps businesses target their desired audience through search engine platforms. It utilises the ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC) technique and allows users to display advertisements on the top and bottom of the Google search engine page. Businesses and organisations can pay to have their ads displayed in premium positions on the results page. The fact that it runs on the PPC strategy, means you only have to pay for the ad, when a customer actually clicks on your ad, hence the terminology pay per click.

There are two main platforms through which businesses can target consumers using Google AdWords: They are Display and Search network. On the display network, businesses can display their ads on websites, which are part of the Google network distribution. On the other hand, on search network, advertisers can bid on suitable keywords. The paid ad results will be displayed on the top of the Google search engine with an ‘ad’ icon next to it to display your business details.

How effective is the Google AdWords system?

Below are the top reasons why Google AdWords is highly effective, and a must use tool for digital marketers:

  1. Google AdwordsIt is measurable: Google AdWords is measurable, and you can find out your rankings instantly. It provides metrics that allow you to understand what content is working and what is not, by monitoring the analytics on the website.
  2. It is flexible: Google AdWords is highly flexible and allows you to customise multiple campaigns and ads, according to your needs.
    For example:
    – You can specify the exact keywords you want to target.
    – Use ad extensions to display extra information, like contact details or pictures.
    – Target the right audience based on location, time and activity.
  3. Faster than other forms of advertising: For new businesses, other digital strategies may take a longer to show any effective result. In contrast, you don’t have to wait long to see results from Google AdWords- in fact it’s instant results.
  4. Google Ads strategies are easier to learn and apply, compared to other strategies, especially if you are new to digital marketing.
  5. Analytics and tracking: Google AdWords make it easier to track analytics and see how well your ad is doing. If somebody clicked your ad, you will be instantly notified through a highly reliant metrics system.

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