LinkedIn Advertising

Is LinkedIn Advertising Worth It?

Many businesses rely on business-to-business (B2B) marketing to ensure success. If this is your target market, but don’t know how and where to start, it would be helpful to talk to a experienced and results driven digital marketing agency to help your business grow and scale. Digital marketing means using the internet to promote your products/services online; and this type of marketing consists of various strategies, such as email marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, Google Advertising, social media marketing and many others, built on the foundation of high performance websites. In social media marketing you can use the advertising options offered by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising to gain rankings and leads.

Social media helps in generating leads, connecting with existing and future customers and marketing your products/services more efficiently for a budget that will deliver a strong return on investment. So, how does LinkedIn advertising perform? Is LinkedIn Advertising worth it? The short answer is: YES. LinkedIn is worth the money you will invest in it, especially if you target market is B2B.

LinkedIn Advertising is targeted to business professionals. It has more than 600 million users. Like Facebook, you can post both visual and verbal content. Users of this platform are looking to network, share contents, make business connections and even looking for job placements. LinkedIn is the most successful platform in capturing quality B2B leads. Companies that use it for their b2b marketing effort are able to generate 80 per cent of their overall social media marketing leads.

In terms of cost, LinkedIn Advertising is more expensive compared to Facebook or Google Ads campaign. Despite this fact, however, LinkedIn remains the leading platform because of the quality leads that companies gain, by using it. Its audience is composed of business professionals, who are looking for business to business connections, while those of the other platforms are more targeted to consumer audiences. It is truly a great way to accumulate new quality leads; and is well worth the investment.

LinkedIn Advertising

In our digital marketing services, we provide a complete digital strategy. We will research and work hard to layout a winning our strategy against your competitors, to improve its overall efficacy. We evaluate your website traffic and we find and determine which social media platform or platforms you can invest in. Then we maintain the balance continually, between your business’ marketing activities and the results they provide. Also, note that when you work with us, it means that more leads provide you the opportunity to convert more customers. Coupled with all this you will have your own dedicated campaign manager.

Therefore, if you want to invest in LinkedIn Advertising or you are thinking of other marketing strategies, one thing is for sure – Add Nett will take your marketing campaigns, brand awareness, ROI, and profitability, on the whole, to new levels and gain you a competitive advantage.

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