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To grow your business, you might consider investing to reach the target audience you want. However, you should spend it in the right place that reaps the best return on investment, like a digital marketing campaign through Google Ads. These days, your business should have more clicks that can lead to more chances of converting those leads into new customers. It’s hard to go past Google when it comes to reach, it’s the leader in the digital and advertising space.

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform under digital marketing. It’s under PPC (Pay Per Click), a marketing channel, where you pay a certain amount per click or per impression performed on your ad. Paid Google Ads is an effective way to get qualified visitors to your website, while they are looking for products or services, like the ones that you market online.

With paid Google Ads, you can create and share ads among your target audience, across a wide range of devices such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops. This will showcase your business to show up on the SERP or Search Engine Results Pages, at the time your products/services are searched for, by your potential target customers. Your ads from this platform can also span across YouTube, Google Display Network, Blogger and a multitude of other channels.

Google is the leading search engine in the world. It receives more than five billion queries per day. The Google Ads platform has been around for 20 years, which makes it a leader in the paid advertising space. Advertisers on Google Ads can earn between $5- $8, for every $1 that they spend on their advertising. It’s a great reasons to invest in Google advertising.

You might be interested in investing in a well-planned, paid Google Ads campaign, but you feel like you are overwhelmed by the process. Maybe you lack the required resources or expertise, to manage a paid Google Ads campaign effectively. Digital marketing is a world of its own, with many facets, ever changing features and unlimited possibilities. If it’s not your core business focus, you might find it challenging to manage. So, we recommend you go with a reliable, trusted and experienced digital marketing agency like Add Nett Pty Ltd.

Google AdsWe have digital experts and strategists who have extensive experience across a multiple of industries. We provide real time reporting that you can access at any time and a faster implementation processes to meet of your goals.

Managing Google Ads campaign is not about set and forget and then expecting it to work. It’s important that thorough keyword research is done, PPC ad copy is optimised and the landing pages are structured in a way to provide useful and up to date content for users and customers. You should also continue doing ongoing maintenance of your website and search engine optimisation, for long term ranking. We provide all these services and more.

In managing Paid Google Ads, you need a digital marketing agency like Add Nett, with the required experience to grow your business and help you meet your goals. We can help you with your Google Ads campaign in a transparent and affordable manner, without risking your bottom line. We can also help you avoid costly mistakes.

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