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What Is The Best Search Engine Optimisation Strategy?

New digital marketing strategies have taken the place of the old traditional style of marketing, as competition is high, and the customer is constantly educated on new product and service out in the market. Thanks to Google, you can get your hands on any kind of information you need.

Hence, digital marketing plays a pivotal role in building your enquiries. Sales in the digital sense works like a funnel; it’s the amalgamation of various marketing tactics put together to create traffic for your business and then nurturing them appropriately to become buyers and they start advocating for your business.

The Sales Funnel in any Digital Marketing Strategy works on the AIDAA principle. Now let’s understand what each alphabet stands for:

Search Engine OptimisationAwareness – Creating brand awareness, by way of online advertising is a must for any business these days. It must be followed up regularly and done in a consistent manner. You can sign up for paid advertising and ensure that online users become aware of your brand.

Interest – Once the online traffic is made aware of your brand, they’ll visit your website; hence all content written should be interesting and useful. So, you should either write content yourself or hire a content writing agency, who will promote your business in the most advantageous way.

Desire – Your content should be able to create the desire in the visitor to come back to your website.

Action – This is the step, where random leads are changed into potential clients. It’s the most important step and to retain the interest of the visitors, you need to keep updating your site and the content on it regularly. It’s because, even if the content on your website is found interesting and educational, it needs still needs to be updated regularly, so your online visitors keep trust and loyalty in your brand. For example, if you have an onsite blog and it’s outdated then your online leads will start doubting the authenticity of your brand. Hence, this is the most important part of the sales funnel for a B2B business.

Advocacy – Last, but not the least is advocate for your brand. To reach this stage, your client must be thoroughly satisfied and convinced that yours’ is a 100% reliable and genuine brand and for this to happen, the above steps should be worked out very carefully and meticulously.

Search Engine Optimisation is of prime importance in any Digital Marketing Strategy. For any digital marketing plan to succeed, the SEO for the website must be done accurately. The content shouldn’t be such that it’s not stuffed with keywords and only suitable for the robot to crawl. Google understands what you are trying to do and will most probably penalise the sit. In the opposite scenario, the blog might be an interesting read, but the search engines are not able to catch it, because of lack of suitable keywords. Both these situations are not conducive to create enquiries and you need to strike the correct balance between interesting content and content suitable for search engines. So, all this can be achieved only by working with the right digital marketing agency, who’ll take your digital marketing devices to a higher level and help your business achieve great heights.

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