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SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of your website traffic, through search engine results.

Add Nett specialises in SEO, a proven method of gaining a higher ranking in search engine results. This system creates a powerful website which increases your marketing efforts. We have specifically designed our SEO services, to increase your brand’s overall visibility. We combine strategies, such as in-depth keyword research, quality content creation, on-page and off-page SEO. In our many years of experience in SEO service, we have helped dozens of brands gain the edge they need over their competitors.

We are a SEO company that delivers increased traffic to boost rankings. We have SEO experts and strategists, who have a proven track record. They develop affordable custom strategies, to help your bottom line. We use the latest tools and technology to deliver the best possible results for your business.

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Our Results Speaks louder than words.

We offer our SEO services across all industries, along with our commitment to give outstanding service coupled with great results. SEO is just one of our diverse services. Our services cover social media marketing to website design and development, search engine marketing and content marketing, we cover it all for your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation

This is how our SEO process works:

1. Keyword Research - We find the keywords that performs best, as this is the key to the most successful SEO campaign. We conduct strategic research on your target audience, along with understanding all about your major competitors and their strategies. That way, we can gain an competitive edge on your marketing.

2. On-Page Optimisation - We work hard to optimise each and every page of your website, following Google’s Webmaster guidelines along with our experience of what works in SEO.

3. Gathering and analysing important analytical date such as - impressions, number of visits, conversion rates, bounce rates, clicks etc helps us build tactical and longer term strategies.

4. Creating up to date, interesting and relevant content that drives traffic, attracts attention, and converts visitors into paying customers, via local, national or overseas target markets.

5. Constant website audits, so you know how our SEO service are increasing your performance.

6. Organic Links obtained through a link building strategy. Ensuring your domain authority of your website is gaining constant credibility as a reliable and trusted source of information for users and customers alike.

Market Research

This is one way to enhance your SEO strategy. Your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop once you’ve placed your brand in front of millions of people, but you should also ensure that people become consumers, that buy your products or services and become loyal customers. Utilising market research and market reports are important ways to improve your advertising tactical strategies.

Market research is a critical component of your online presence. You can take your SEO to the next level, by researching more relevant keywords, knowing what people are looking for and how they are looking for it. Through market research, you will also know what your competitors are up to, what keywords are they using that make them rank higher, and what phrases they focus on in their searches.

Content that Converts

Your website content is the single most important component of your SEO campaign. It is content, that is created to attract search engine traffic and generate conversions. It must be keyword-rich, so that you can convert your users into customers. Search engines read your text, so your content must be noticed and provide valuable information that your visitors are looking for, to assist them to make informed decisions to solve their problems.

Refining your content strategies include defining the goals of your website or business, while considering your audience. From there, you can link about what your audience should be looking for.

Technical SEO

By doing technical SEO, Add Nett can make your website faster, load quickly and has a quick response time, that leads to better user experience thus, increased social sharing and decreased exit rates, by prospective buyers.

For any technical issues on your website’s SEO campaign, we got you completely covered. Add Nett has its own business support, for any IT issues within our team. We improve the technical aspects of your website, so the ranking of its pages is increased. It becomes easier to crawl and easily understandable, by the search engine robots on the major search engines.

Technical SEO is a component of on-page SEO, which concentrates on improvement of all the elements on your website, so it gets ranked higher than the other sites. It prevents confusion in searchers caused by copied content and is able to understand what your site is all about.

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