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Social Network Platforms

Social advertising is a series of steps taken in creating and making use of clickable ads in social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, newsfeeds, messaging apps and many others. Your goal here is to reach your target audience, develop brand awareness, build relationships, create communities, and increase website exposure. All these platforms can generate leads and capture sales revenue for your business.

Social network advertising is particularly effective, when it comes to driving engagements and conversions, as these platforms have a collection of highly valuable, specific, and actionable user data. Your audiences can be defined by their statistical characteristics, interests, and past purchase behavior.

Social Advertising

Social media advertising continues to grow at a rapid pace, so that marketers, who would like to market their products or services through the social networks should act quickly in this ever-changing environment, so they don’t miss out on the right marketing opportunties.

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook has the largest user base and the largest share of display ads, among the social networks. Facebook business ads offer the highest ROI for advertisers, in fact it offers something for each type of business and social advertising campaign - photo ads, video ads, slideshow ads, carousel ads, messenger ads, event responses and many more. Whilst the Facebook platform is not for every business, the size and demographic of the audience cannot be ignored.

Social Advertising

Advertising on social media offers exceptional support for advertisers, to drive engagement and conversion, but it is not without unsuspected difficulties. So, the easiest path to achieve your business goal is hiring a digital marketing agency to work with you, in handling your social marketing efforts.

Add Nett is a social media ad agency that has elite in-house team, with extensive experience in storytelling, animation, user acquisition and visual effects. They can provide you with unlimited supply of videos and images that consistently result in successful campaigns. The true effect of social media in a business works well when you and our company work closely together. No one knows the narrative of the business better than you, including the people and your customers.

Our advertising services

Our social advertising services is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. It allows you to target your own demographics and reach people based on information such a persona, email lists and website visitors. Also, our social services helps you achieve results that can be accomplished more quickly than traditional advertising methods. Consumers and users are easy to reach on social networks, which means you can gain followers, engagements, and website traffic quickly. The more people you reach, the more chances for you to gain brand awareness, traffic and generate revenue.

Add Nett is a marketing specialist and we run social posts and business ads on Facebook as well as the other social platforms. We post these ads daily or weekly depending on your strategy and budget. We specialise across platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube. We understand conversion optimisation, retargeting and we have proven data on copy, headlines, and keywords.

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Develop Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is when a consumer recognises your brand or business name and the general feeling of your business, information about your product or service and other details, based on their experience and observation. When your business has brand awareness, your marketing campaign has an emotional connection to your audiences, eliciting some action via those emotive feelings.

Brand awareness is critical to your business. Without a brand that will set yourself apart, your business won’t be grow into a viable operation. And that is regardless of how much you spend on advertising, how much you post on social media and the quality of your product or service. Your brand ups your company name, offerings, logo, and content, into a great experience for your prospective customers and then comes trust, eventually turning them into loyal customers.

However, it is not enough to have a great brand. That brand should be built consistently and positioned in the minds of your target audience. The more familiar your audience becomes with your brand, the more they will become interested in buying your products or services.

This will make it simpler for you to market your brand across multiple channels. You can also introduce new products successfully and you can build a strong reputation and retain loyal customers through this strategy.

Builds Relationship

These days many customers make their daily purchases without leaving their homes. This fact makes it even more difficult for businesses to build relationships with customers. There is no face-to-face interaction that happens on a daily basis, which is very important in developing trust and brand loyalty.

The best place for a business to turn to is the social media, where customers love the self-serving, feel good experience. In social media, people are connected and empowered like never before, and all you have to do is to connect with those customers in their virtual spaces. To be able to do this, you can try the following:

Personalising your conversations/chats, by showing your human side.

Responding quickly to customers.

Making it easy for customers to share their story.

Showing your appreciation to customers through contests and give aways.

Responding to all your positive and negative online reviews quickly.

Increase Website Exposure

Business marketers today, have an abundance of options of available. They have channels that can be used to promote their products and services. Among these many channels, social media marketing has surfaced as one of the most effective options, to use to reach out to targeted audiences and get their responses as you expect.

Most digital marketers agree that you can get more website exposure when you use social networks for advertising your business products or services that will eventually deliver profitable results. This is because that prospective customers are now spending more time on social network.

If you have not utilised the extraordinary marketing powers of social media, you are missing out on reaching the full capability of your overall advertising campaign. So, whether you’re just setting up a new business or already running an established one, it will be in your interest, to boost your website exposure on social media, to create an awareness for your brand. To achieve a great media exposure:

create valuable and effective content strategy

interact with your community on social media

integrate a local touch to your social media presence

time your postings perfectly

use promotions effectively

Increasing your website exposure will have an influence on sales and leads, which is why we are developing social media advertising campaigns that can drive traffic to your site.

We cover all type of industries – here are some of the customers we work alongside.