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Content Marketing

Top Content Marketing Trends for the Year 2020

Nowadays, with easy access to the internet and the popularity of social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, the importance of content marketing when it comes to your business strategy has become vital.

However, in order to survive in the competitive world of business, your own brand needs to adapt to the changes and meet the requirements and preferences of your target audience, especially when it comes to digital advertising.

While SEO is important when it comes to generating content and a solid foundation for your website, you also need to consider the other trends that will make your content marketing more effective.

Content Marketing

User-Generated Content

Studies have shown that social proof is a major factor when it comes to influencing the decisions of consumers whether it be Business to Business or Business to Consumer transactions, showing a higher conversion rate when the content they encounter comes from fellow businesses and consumers.

In order to brand your business, you will require brand-generated content. This means while adopting advertising such as Google Ads which will place you in the top of the search engine results depending on the industry and spend, it’s also important to the share content with unpaid contributors such as organic social ads, blogs, etc.

Video Content and Live Streams

Websites and platforms like YouTube and Twitch have made video content and live streaming incredibly popular and an effective content marketing strategy. In recent years many estimates say it will only boom further from here. Given the business link between Google and YouTube this is a must do strategy.

Videos and live streams have been proven to keep audiences more engaged compared to other types of content and for a longer period too. These types of content encourage your clients to invest more time in your brand, as well as allow you to connect more with them.

Therefore, if you wish to capture your audience’s attention, then incorporating more videos in your content marketing strategy is the way to go.

SEO for Voice Search

Nowadays, most of our devices such as our smartphones and tablets are equipped with AI-powered virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa – something which has made the use of voice search skyrocket in recent years.

When it comes to voice search, SEO is also important, however unlike with typed questions, content marketers need to adapt their strategies to anticipate what kind of questions their target markets would ask and generate content based on those questions. Therefore, keywords become a vital strategy now and into the future.

Generation and Delivery of Dynamic Content

In the vast world of the internet, it’s easy to get lost and feel like another face in the crowd. Therefore, consumers are starting to appreciate more personalised content that caters to their specific needs and wants.

However, in 2020, consumers expect more personalisation in the form of dynamic or adaptive content. With dynamic content, what your consumers see, changes and adapt according to their preferences, behaviours, and interests.

Through personalised content, content marketers can see a higher conversion rate due to the increased relevance for the consumers, making your content appear more interesting and appealing to them.

Content Marketing

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when brand-generated content was enough to convert potential sales into actual ones. Nowadays, consumers prefer content that caters to their unique and specific needs and interests, with personalised adaptive content, as well as user-generated content, being more effective than the traditional ones.

As with any form of marketing strategy, content marketing needs to keep up with the latest trends. In order to be effective customers need to convince consumers by combining their services and products they have to offer. That way, they can remain remain competitive in this fast-paced world.