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Project Details

Commercial Electrical Services.

Redesign and Rebuild of Website, SEO, Content Marketing and B2B LinkedIn Marketing help splace Tradetech Services as a market leader in Electrical Infrastructure on Major Civil Projects.

Tradetech Services took on a major overhaul of their website and focus on brand awareness which has established a strong brand position within the construction industry.

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The Litmus Test.

Tradetech Services is a long established and reputable business delivering a wide range of services to the construction industry in Melbourne. The businesses main aim was to be one of the three major players in the Melbourne electrical infrastructure industry by adopting a strong content and digital marketing plan. The point of difference was the company was able to deliver a comprehensive turn key solution. This allowed their customers to engage one contractor to cover a multitude of services. When major civil projects are undertaken, the organisation managing the works want to ensure they are efficient, effective and deliver the project on time and on budget, engaging someone like Tradetech Services would help in delivering many of the services needed on this type of project. A total rebuilds of the website with a comprehensive content and digital plan. The website listed all the major services on separate landing pages, aligning to the brand message of Tradetech “make it happen”.

Tradetech aim is to offer high quality service is to its customers that is professional, friendly, honest, and reliable. Servicing a wide range of constructions services, they can deliver on major civil projects.

Both the customer and our digital marketing agency Add Nett came together to ensure their digital and content marketing strategy placed them at the forefront of electrical infrastructure industry in major constructions works. They understood they needed to be one of the two best companies in this field across Melbourne.

Implementing Strategy.

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Tradetech Services decided that using digital marketing would be a great way to position information to the audience on its website through blogs, social media platforms (especially LinkedIn as B2B strategy) and google business listings. This provides touch points at every section of the lead funnelsto drive education, information and buying messages to customers.

Add Nett ensured that Tradetech’ websiteswere mobile-friendly and optimised for maximum performance along with all other devices such as, laptops and tablets. This is perfect for being able to specifically target locations, industries, andjob profiles along with other demographics. These demographics are easy to adapt so that one can gather more information.

The company’s digital strategy was to position the brand in Melbourne. Once a potential customer entered information via the various channels, they were able to retarget them with relevant ads based on their actions.

Project Overview.

Tradetech services provides electrical and safety services all across Melbourne and surrounding areas, the owners decided they needed to brand the business and build credibility via a state-of-the-art website.

The overall strategy that was designed was to focus on brand, customer service, customer experience and quality work. The immediate goal was to generate quality leads through the brand message.

The Results.

Since Add Nett started working closely with Tradetech, they have seen a 50% increase in leads within a 60-day period. This type of campaign has seen a significant increase in online activity.

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Mark Wilson.

Director and Owner

The building construction infrastructure is a large, complex and diverse industry. The wide range of services web provide help our customers deal with one contractor versus many diverse trades. Customers when going to undertake a major civil project requiring major infrastructure work like electrical, hydro excavation work and security solutions can turn to us for a total turnkey solution.
This adds real value and ease of services for our customers. Add Nett has helped us tremendously by building our brand through the extensive range of digital solutions that they provide and helped build our brand in the market place as an industry leader.


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