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Social Marketing Data Analytics, Website Rebuild and Development and Google My Business Listing have supported a successful digital marketing plan for Vault Brewing.

Case Study

Project Details

Vault Brewing.

The bucks county brewpub now has a strong social community, great keyword ranking and a high authority score as a result of the marketing.

Vault Brewing took on a digital plan in liaison with Vault Brewing own in house content marketing team to build an overall strategic marketing plan.

Working closely together the aim was to build the brand of the microbrewery across the county, recognised for great beer, food, and service.

Client: Vault Brewing

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The Challenge.

Vault Brewing commenced in 2012 with its unique idea of converting the old bank on the main street of Yardley, Pennsylvania into a brew pub. They provide a wide range of craft beers made on site, as well as off-site in the location of their sister business The Vault Taproom.

The owner Jim Cain realised that they needed to build a brand and following from scratch, and that competition for brew pubs in the state and across the US was extremely competitive. The challenge was not only to create great beers, but to also ensure that the food was boutique, and the ambience of the premises was one where people would want to come back to, time and again. The company had a real opportunity to utilise online activity, digital and content marketing to create a new and exciting brand into the market.

Vault Brewing needed ranking, brand awareness and community engagement to put the business on the map and give new customers the opportunity to find information about the new local brew pub. To do that they had to focus on where the customers where connecting and that was online and in particular Social Media.

Vault Brewing’s purpose is to offer service to its customers that is friendly, engaging, and warm. The main demographics are quite expansive with the majority in the range of 30-45, although they do cross most demographics.

Hence, we partnered with themes a digital marketing agency Add Nett to help them build their marketing strategy. They immediately realized they needed to promote the main point of differences outlined above.

Implementing Strategy.

Podium IT

Vault Brewing decided exposure online both through digital and content marketing would be a great way to position information to the audience on its website through regular blog posting and using business social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Lead generation strategy through Facebook and Instagram is highly targeted and enables the customer to segment and breakdown different demographics, whether it be across location, ages, genders, etc. This provides touch points at every section of the lead funnel process driving awareness, bookings, information, buying, loyalty and advocacy.

Add Nett ensured that Vault Brewing’s website was optimised across devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops ensuring online users were covered. Again, this enabled us to specifically target locations, demographics, popular posts, along with other demographics through different devices. These demographics are easy to adapt so that one can gather more information that the customer can use for other tactical marketing campaigns.

Specific questions were designed to uncover preferences which is important information for marketing. The goal was to deliver the difference between their brand and too position them as one of the two best brands in the brew pubs across bucks county and the greater Philadelphia area.

Project Overview.

Vault Brewing is a predominantly a brewpub, providing boutique pizzas and platters in a stylish setting catering for both indoor and outdoor customers. The marketing department decided they needed to build the brand message which would equate to a loyal customer base who would advocate for them strongly with potential new customers, friends, family and close friends in the region.

The overall strategy was designed was to focus on using the boutique settings and ambience, along with great beers and unique foods. The aim involved high quality exposure into the craft beer industry. The immediate goal was brand awareness for the marketing team to be able to follow up and engage with the community of social platforms such as Facebook and in particular Instagram.

The Results.

Since Add Nett started helping, Vault Brewing have seen an large increase in brand recognition with increased site visits to the website. This type of campaign has seen a significant increase in online activity, including purchasing beer and food online, gift cards, bookings and also the sale of merchandise.

Vault Brewing


Jim Cain.

Director and Owner

The aim of the brewery when we first launched was and still us to develop a wide and diverse range of beers. Along with that, we wanted to ensure the ambience and aesthetics of the venue made people feel like good. We also deliver boutique foods and platers which all blends. We host events and very much acter for recent times of COVID. Our seating arrangements are designed both for indoor and outdoor seating with comfortable, warm and friendly surroundings.
We feel we are experts in this field, what we needed is experts on the field of digital content, and brand marketing and to date Add Nett have fulfilled that role. It’s great to have a partner you can rely on 24/7 to meet all our digital and marketing needs.

Vault Brewing Company

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