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Are you focused on driving your brand to be one of the best in your industry? If so, then the use of digital marketing and its various tools can help drive your brand online. It will also assist in showcasing your products or service, increase your leads, and grow your business. To achieve your results, you need to ensure you target the most qualified customers and consumers, to gain the best return on investment on your marketing and advertising.


The foundation of your digital marketing strategy is built on a high performing website. Your brand’s online presence can have an exceptionally significant impact on its success. You want to ensure that your customers have a great experience when they visit your site, before deciding to buy. That’s means an easy to navigate site, speed to load and to each section of the site, relevant and up to date content, secure and technically sound in the back end to drive traffic.

In some cases, however, company owners are reluctant to drive their brands online. Our research, experience and results show that online presence is now a critical platform that cannot be ignored when it comes to driving your brand presence.


Most, if not all industries have many competitors, so you want to stand out from the crowd. We will create a website that not only looks good and is easy to navigate, but also can communicate quality information to your on-site visitors. With a high performing website, people will understand that you are reliable, have credibility; deliver exceptional customer service and results.

With a great website development service, you can showcase your brand to your targeted audience. Here you can establish, who you are and what you represent, which will provide more opportunities for visitors to visit your website to seek information, advice or to make a purchase.


SEO Ready

A website is all about optimising your site for potential buyers. We include all important on-page SEO functionality, such as header  tags and XML sitemaps for ranking, which meets search engines requirements.


Highly Secure

Every design will include fundamental security and privacy protocols, such as basic security checks, back ups , security plugins and SSL certificate.


Mobile Responsive

We create an engaging, mobile-friendly design that your potential customers can access whenever they want, wherever they want.

Your Local Website Builders.

Add Nett Pty Ltd is a digital marketing agency, with the success of your business foremost in our mind. Our moto is to ensure that you gain an advantage on your competitors through our digital services which includes starting with a high-performance website design and development. We can build you a website and handle your marketing campaigns to ensure a successful and authentic brand is positioned in the market for your business. We are confident we can deliver a website development service, as we are well versed in technology and know what it takes for businesses to acquire and retain customers. The proof is in our testimonials and case studies.

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Increase your revenue and build your brand.

A website for your business will also boost your chances of receiving valuable leads. Once your brand is recognised online, customers and consumers will want to know more about your business and tend to contact you through the regular information posted by you on your website. This is a great opportunity and way to increase your revenue and build your brand.

Once you have a website and it’s been optimised for SEO, it will over time begin to rank on Google search results pages. This means that when consumers or potential customers search for the product or service that you provide, you have a great probability that your site will show up in a strong position in the results. This also means that you gain organic traffic and that you can increase your customer base over time.

We have a team of marketing and online strategies, who are very passionate about uncovering digital solutions to make them beneficial for your business.

Our website designs include some essential functionalities, which include:

Design that is based on the latest and up to date themes, that are attractive and effective

Built on world class platforms like WordPress

Responsive to mobile devices, desktops, iPads, tablets, laptops and mobiles

Interactive banners on the home page

Coded contact us/query forms which are built and tracked for performance by Add Nett

Video, gallery and project pages

Easy navigation panels and menus

Zoom view for each product or service

Product and service category Dropbox

Links to all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and You Tube

We will develop and build your brand, to ensure a visual and emotional impact. Your website will turn into an effective way of engaging with your audiences and a digital tool that performs for your business.

The first impression that you make on your prospective customer/user is through the appearance of your website; but our website design and development only starts there. We will not only make your site, as attractive as it is easy to use as possible, we will also provide state of the art functional design, so your audience will also gain useful information. We want to provide customers and users possible solutions to their problems. That way, they will build a relationship with your business, understand what you are offering and be guided in their journey to a decision - without any hassle.

Full maintenance and support service

We also provide with all our websites a full hosting, maintenance and support service; so that your site is secure, safe and kept up to date with all the latest technology to ensure it performs and ranks well across search engines. Our maintenance program covers the following tasks to keep your website performing to its optimum level.

Resizing compressing and cropping images.

Adding, changing or removing links to your website, uploading videos provided by you, PDF files and documents.

Changing colours and layouts in current pages

Updating Meta keywords, page titles or descriptions

Renaming files for search engines also includes optimising file names.

Updating contact information or other texts

Generating a site map for easy navigation, for search engines

Adding blog posts as part of the SEO program

Making changes to email forms

Website back up on daily basis. Security checks twice a day. Blocking spam emails. Updated plugin and theme updates.

We cover all the required services for your website; to ensure that you achieve both your short- and long-term online marketing goals. Our maintenance also covers modifying or changing accessible web pages, to ensure that your site incorporates the latest development and trends.

Everything you need in marketing, branding and content.

We will present you with strategies that come with creativity, technology and data for the best results. Our focus is always directed to our customers and providing service above and beyond. We also offer customised packages related to your digital marketing solutions, which will suit your brand requirements.

You’ll be happy to know that Add Nett covers all your marketing needs. You’ll never have to deal with different companies across websites, marketing, branding, content distribution, web hosting needs, design, SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing), Social Media, IT, Marketing and Social Media. We do it all when it comes to digital and content marketing.


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Add Nett is a creative agency catering to a digital-first world. We bring your your products or services across in ways that make people feel good as they engage with your business. We strive to make your users happy to deal with you; it’s all about high performance websites. This along with our digital and content services delivers cutting edge marketing in an ever-changing online world.


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