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What are the best strategies for social media marketing?

The social media landscape of 2022 has more competition and networks than ever before. With that in mind, a prudent strategy can help ensure you do not waste time on fruitless social media marketing work. In this guide, we introduce the best strategies for social media marketing to help you reassess your priorities for 2022.

Research your target audience

Your marketing work should never be based on assumptions. Social data is available to you throughout the networks and it can help you better understand your target audience. Remember that different types of audience are attracted to different platforms so make sure you are targeting the right demographic from the outset.

Set realistic goals for your business

What exactly do you hope to achieve from social media marketing? Planning starts with knowing your goals, whether it be increasing brand awareness, boosting community engagement or something else. Your goals will form the basis of your social media marketing strategy and determine how much time you will dedicate to your campaigns.

Take the time to define your goals if you want to have any hope of achieving them.

Focus on making engaging social content

The quality of your content will make or break your digital marketing efforts. Your goals should give you a pretty clear idea of the type of content to publish, but what is your content strategy? Think about the following:

Be consistent to make your brand recognisable

Utilise stories for time-sensitive posts

Create short-form videos

Demonstrate your human side

Conduct competitive analysis

Consider your most important KPIs and metrics

SMOYour social media strategy should be data-driven. This means determining the most important social media metrics – not the vanity ones, but the ones that truly align with your goals.

This means:

Post reach

Number of clicks


Performance of hashtags

Organic/paid likes

Numbers are the way to assess the performance of your social media marketing strategy, but they must be put in context to align with your objectives.

Be punctual

Timeliness is of the utmost importance in 2022. You are expected to keep presenting fresh content regularly and your followers need you to be available as much as possible. Customers will not always operate on your clock, so you need to think about your timing and being punctual.

Always post at the best times to engage – this means doing your research and learning when is best. Also, be quick to respond to customer questions and shout-outs – failure to do so will make you look bad, and the algorithms like to see high engagement and interactions in a short time-frame.

Is your social media marketing strategy fit for purpose?

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