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Why does a customised website improve performance?

A customised website can improve performance by taking a lot of the common SEO tasks off your plate. According to Kissmetrics, 53% of consumers reported that if a business has a website that does not work well on mobile devices, they will not trust or purchase from the company. Here are just four reasons you need a customised website.

A website should consider your business goals

A customised website takes into account your business goals and the needs of your customers. The digital marketing design should reflect your brand and be easy to use. This will help you to achieve your goals, whether they are increased sales, greater engagement with customers or simply more visitors.

A customised website is designed around your audience’s needs

A well-designed website can increase the amount of time visitors spend on the site, which in turn increases the chances that they will buy something from you or contact you for further information about your products, services or events.

A high performing website increases conversion rates

Using the information you collect about your customers, a customised website designer can create landing pages that are tailored to their needs, interests and buying behaviour. This uses search engine optimisation to convert clicks into customers more easily and quickly than with traditional marketing methods like email or social media advertising.

A customised website improves customer service

A customised website allows you to provide real-time information about your products, services and company news directly on the site itself, so customers don’t need to contact you for answers or clarification about anything they see on the site — they can just click an icon or link in order to get more information on whatever they’re looking at.

It should protect you from hackers and malware

The internet has many dangers. It’s easy for a hacker to get into your website and change the content, but with a customised site, it’s harder for them to do so. If they want to access your site, they’ll have to break through your password security system. That makes it much harder for them to infiltrate your site and change the information on it.

You want your website to look good and work well on mobile devices

A customised website is less likely to suffer from technical problems or downtime than a standard template. The design can be adapted to suit specific devices like mobile phones and tablets so that it remains responsive, meaning it will continue working as intended regardless of which device is being used to access it.

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