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Why is Digital Advertising the Future?

In today’s era, digital advertising for your company is an absolute essential. Most businesses are opting to invest in digital marketing, as it offers powerful strategies within reasonable costs. It is predicted that the scope of digital advertising solutions is only going to keep increasing in the future as a viable means to connect with customers and keep them informed.

Add Nett Pty Ltd offers a complete range of digital marketing solutions, including SEO, pay per click (Google Ads), social media, website rebuilds and refreshes, as well as content marketing. Our team of experts can help transform your business, using our innovative digital marketing strategies.

Why digital advertising is the future:

1. Wider audience

As of 2021, it is estimated that 4.7 billion people use the Internet. That is more than 60% of the world’s population! Digital marketing will help you target a wider range of people to advertise your services or products. You can also reach a worldwide, national, or local audience, while sitting in the comfort of your office or home. This is why every business must invest in digital advertising to help them grow and prosper.

Digital Marketing Solutions2. More effective than traditional advertising

Traditional advertising depended on flyers, posters, TV advertisements, etc. It was tedious and didn’t provide any instant results. However, with digital advertising, you can gain instant customer feedback and real time data analysis to see if your strategies are really working or not.

3. Increased engagement

People love to engage with their favourite brands and products. Digital advertising provides a platform to do so, with the help of social media and other creative techniques. Such engagement is known to increase customer trust and satisfaction. It also helps establish the authenticity of your company and its brand.

4. Cost effective

Digital advertising is much more cost effective, compared to traditional advertising. It would cost you $32 for a newspaper ad to reach 100 people; whereas, a Facebook ad would only cost you $1 to reach 100 people.

5. Higher digital classifieds market revenue

Digital classifieds are expected to generate five times more profit than they did in 2015. Therefore, it is crucial to start using digital adverting, so that your company can compete.

6. Increased digital marketing courses.

Lastly, you can understand how important digital advertising is for the future, by looking at the increased digital marketing courses available nowadays. Many universities and institutions now offer these courses, whether online or in-person, to equip people, with the necessary skills. These courses open up new career opportunities for both, new and experienced workers.

All the above reasons show why digital advertising is here to stay and why it’s an important decision for businesses to consider, as soon as possible. The expert digital strategists and marketers at Add Nett Pty Ltd can help you get started on your digital marketing journey today. You can contact us at 1300 238 638 (1300 Add Nett) or visit us at

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