Digital Marketing

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

In today’s digital and online world, are you still promoting your business the traditional way, such as print ads, TV, billboards, etc. If so, then, you may be missing valuable leads and enquires coming into your business.

Digital Marketing is a new and modern way to market your products or services online. It’s a form of advertising that uses the internet, through websites, social media, search engines, email, and devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc to generate enquiry. Also referred to as digital advertising, this type of marketing is important, as it allows you to effectively spend your marketing budget to gain leads and obtain a higher ROI (return on investment) for your business. By investing in digital advertising, you can establish an online presence and increase brand awareness, thereby helping your business grow and gain a competitive advantage.

Here are six good reasons why digital marketing is important for your business:

Your company can reach people where they spend most of their time. The internet has become a part of people’s everyday lives, with people spending on average over two hours a day – engaging in social media, making google searches, and purchasing their required products or services. These activities are all done online through a mired of different devices. These people are your potential customers, so you must have a strong online presence to attract this audience. With the amount of competition out there, this is where we can help by understanding your market and competitors. If users cannot find you easily online, then these potential customers will buy from your competitors.

Most of your business rivals are already doing digital advertising. If you not on board here is your chance to go into 2021 with a flying start, which will place your business ahead your competitors. That way you can gain a competitive advantage from everything digital marketing has to offer. We can create your social profiles, run paid advertisements and optimise your website for SEO (search engine optimisation), so that you can reach valuable leads.

Digital advertising allows you to compete with the larger companies. It’s a struggle to compete with the big corporations and gaining the trust of consumers through powerful brands. However, with digital marketing methods, such as SEO, Google Ads (Pay per click) and great and relevant content, you get a fighting chance to compete.

This method of marketing allows you to target your ideal audience. You will be able to market your products or services to those people who are interested in what you are selling. With the use of re targeting campaigns through Google Ads and Display Ads we can narrow down the audience to real buyers. It is really very different from the traditional marketing methods, where you can only hope that they become aware of your products, contact you and then buy from you.

You can keep track of your campaign. This is another good thing about digital advertising. You can easily monitor the results of your efforts in real time and adjust quickly if needed. Metrics such as impressions, shares, comments, likes, conversions means strong ROI for your business. When you can track the performance of your marketing campaign, you can understand whether your investment is working.

You obtain a higher ROI. Doing online marketing strategies will bring you an impressive ROI. This technique is very cost effective to implement. Add Nett Pty Ltd is a digital marketing agency servicing and based in Australia and we will be happy to provide you with the best of the best campaigns that can help your business grow.

For your brand to be known locally, nationally, or globally, digital advertising is a great opportunity to promote your business and brand. Contact us to speak with a marketing and online strategist, to find out more about our digital marketing services. Give us a call at 1300 Add Nett (1300 233 638) or visit us at We service the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and the United States.